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Construction Security

Construction Security

With over twenty years experience in the security industry we understand how vulnerable construction sites can be and know exactly what measures need to be put in place to ensure that this is not the case. With expensive equipment, tools and materials often left unattended, construction sites make for the perfect opportunity not only for thieves and vandals but also make for a hazardous danger zone for children who simply see your site as a playground.

By selecting a construction security service from Rubicon Wales you can relax safe in the knowledge you have done all you can to keep your site secure so that your expensive materials and machinery won’t be damaged or stolen.

Trained security officers are the best and most professional workforce to utilize in these cases.

Along with providing trained security personnel we offer the following services to construction sites:

  • Access Control (Login & logout visitors and vendors)
  • Patrol the construction site
  • Prevent graffiti
  • Stop unauthorized visits
  • Report hazards
  • Immediate intervention and notification to the authorities during emergency situations
  • Securing, Locking and Unlocking of the facilities and doors or gates if required
  • Able to undertake risk assessment and health and safety checks

All our staff hold the Laborer Green Card.

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