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Close Protection

Close Protection 

Following numerous customer requests over the years, we have developed a high quality, market-leading Close Protection Officer (CPO) service. The role of a CPO is not always shadowing the client and can be far removed from the image portrayed by Hollywood. The CPO is as likely to be found searching rooms and seeking safe passage from one event to another. Our CPO’s are all SIA licensed.  They also hold a First Aid Certificate qualification. Our CPO’s are trained to reflect the image and style required by the client.

Who will need our services and when?

Our capability and experience means we are selected by a wide range of people and organisations to fulfil protection roles. These are often focused on the needs of a specific event or situation, but we can also provide 24 hour support. Events may include commercial, retail, VIP or private gatherings such as parties, book signings, presentations, public engagements and many more. Key users of the service include:

  • High net worth individuals
  • High profile individuals
  • VIPs and celebrities
  • Families in their homes (RST – Residential Security Team)

How do we do this?

As Industry leaders, Rubicon Security deploys Ex Forces, trained, licensed and professional CPO’s. Their ability to provide 24 hour total security allows us to tailor the precise level of service required. Working to individual operational orders ensures that risk is controlled and managed effectively. We provide:

  • SIA licensed CPO’s
  • Company screening and vetting of all employees.
  • The right level of protection.
  • Teams or individuals to meet the perceived need.

Rubicon Security is one of the UK’s leading security companies.  Our experienced management team has an excellent track record of delivering a personal, specialised service. Our CPO’s are all of high quality with extensive training for this specialist role. Our existing client portfolio is testament to our capabilities. We offer:

  • A wide range of CPO’s, ensuring suitability to each assignments.
  • UK and/or global coverage with multilingual officers and consistent control.
  • Male and female CPO’s

An effective, efficient deterrent.

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